No child should go to school hungry. Yet 1 in 7 kids in Canada live in poverty, and 1 in 3 go to school without a daily breakfast.

Breakfast for Learning chose to partner with Blackbaud because of the expertise in the nonprofit space and the ability to create not only a visually engaging website, but one that was designed to inspire action.

The organization historically received 95% of their donations from the corporate sector. They were looking diversify their revenue stream and increase individual donors. The organization was also going through and evolution and their web presence no longer represented who they were as an organization. In addition, they struggled to convert website visitors.

Blackbaud created an online presence, using WordPress + Luminate Go! for Breakfast for Learning. At the end of the first year, they achieved a 59% increase in usable email file and a 64% increase in fundraising.

The increase in usable email enables Breakfast for Learning to broaden their reach, resulting in more opportunities to interact with and convert supporters. The increased revenue allows them to fund more programs and help more children and youth enjoy healthy meals and snacks.

“Breakfast for Learning had a clear vision and goals. Our teams collaborated to make sure all aspects of this project were aligned with their objectives.” -Aga Siuda, Blackbaud Design Principal

59% increase in usable email file and a 64% increase in fundraising.

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Human Services


WordPress + Luminate Go!
Responsive Website Redesign