Redesign and SEO Help Website Traffic and Engagement Increase

Although the organization’s former website was functional, it lacked a clear focus and hierarchy of information. The design was simplistic but visually overwhelming, which led the staff members to feel like the brand was not well represented. By partnering with Blackbaud, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden hoped to focus on Garden visitors and members as its core online audiences, present information about current events in an easy-to-find and comprehensive online format, and improve its brand perception.

The Garden was focused on SEO and hoped to increase website traffic by improving search rankings and attracting not only more visitors but also new ones from search engines. In addition to improving SEO, the organization wanted to give its current home page a stronger sense of hierarchy to help visitors navigate through specific content areas of events and membership.

In working with Blackbaud’s strategic team, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden learned how to optimize its website and online presence to attract local searchers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Using Blackbaud’s SEO Scorecard, several easy fixes were identified to improve the organization’s search rankings and create long-term opportunities. Ultimately, with Blackbaud’s recommendations implemented, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden saw website traffic rise. This increase helped to promote the organization’s mission of inspiring natural preservation while encouraging people to become partners with nature.

Monthly search engine traffic increased 94%

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Arts and Cultural


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