Hillside needed an innovative website redesign to clearly communicate their message of hope and increase access to treatment and education.

As a residential treatment facility serving emotionally disturbed children and adolescents for 125 years, Hillside wanted to convey an uplifting message of hope to site visitors. Hillside felt that their outdated, static website did not accurately reflect their organizational identity. They asked Blackbaud Interactive for a complete visual rebranding to clearly communicate who they are and their impact in the community.

Phase 1: Initial Discovery

Our initial discovery began with comprehensive internal stakeholder interviews, a usability audit of Hillside’s existing website, and a discerning analysis of Google Analytics and goal pathways.
The discovery process revealed Hillside’s top goals. The creation of a visually engaging website that better communicated their organizational story and treatment success topped the list. They wanted to modernize their site by simplifying content and streamlining navigation. Educating site visitors and increasing donor support were also priorities.

Phase 2: Information Architecture

Based on our comprehensive audit and Hillside’s top goals, we developed a completely new site map and wireframes for the website. Hillside wanted site visitors to learn more about their programs and services.  This was accomplished by providing an uncluttered framework with seamless navigation that would encourage site exploration.

Phase 3: Editorial Consulting and Content Strategy

The new, optimized information architecture necessitated a reorganization of content. We provided detailed editorial recommendations, including instructions for mapping existing content onto the new structure. We advised on content strategy to make pages more efficient, pathways easier to navigate, and goals easier to find.

Mood boards showing the recommended visual treatment for the look and feel of Hillside’s new site.

Mood boards showing the recommended visual treatment for the look and feel of Hillside’s new site.

“Blackbaud Interactive guided us through our website redesign with vision, enthusiasm and creativity. We are delighted with the outcome as it has truly transformed our online presence.”

-Hillside, Inc

Phase 4: Visual Design

We faced the challenge of providing a visual design that both welcomed and educated site visitors about Hillside while igniting user engagement.

Our creative team worked closely with Hillside to establish the desired look, feel, and personality of the new website. Visual design decisions were driven by the top goal of user education, with streamlined conversion paths and strategically placed calls to action.

We agreed upon using large, high impact images to create an almost tangible visual atmosphere of healing and tranquility. Each image contains a prominent text box that conveys a simple yet powerful message.

Milestone: Launch of the New Hillside Website

With the new structure and design in place, and after helping to migrate content into the new site, we were ready to launch. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Within two months of the new site’s launch, bounce rates were down 16%, exit rates were down 31%, and page views had dramatically increased.

19k+ more page views in the first 2 months

Organization Type

Health and Human Services


Content Strategy
Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Visual Design/Redesign