The Peregrine Fund knew how to raise money offline but had difficulty replicating that success in email campaigns.

Since The Peregrine Fund already had an end-of-year email campaign effort in place and was even implementing some best practices, Blackbaud Strategy Services was brought in to help pinpoint areas of weakness in the campaign and address those issues.

Specifically, the organization wanted to improve end-of-year email campaign results. In the past, the nonprofit tried a handful of email best practices, like segmenting audiences by interests and delivering tailored content, but had only seen modest results in dollars raised for the organization.

During consulting sessions, Strategy Services identified email content as the primary focus area for improvement in the 2012 campaign. While The Peregrine Fund had delivered interest-based messaging to targeted audiences in previous years, the email content didn’t detail the impact gifts made on the organization.

With a new focus on content, the 2012 end-of-year email campaign included messaging about gift impact, as well as improved approaches to storytelling and follow-up messaging. The campaign also used different delivery dates and incorporated successful offline elements, like a matching gift donor.

Working with Strategy Services, The Peregrine Fund delivered a strategically-focused campaign that engaged potential donors. The fundraising results far exceeded expectations with 168 more donations than the previous year for a total of $21,300 more dollars raised for the organization. In addition to raising more funds, The Peregrine Fund also learned how to successfully transition fundraising messages from direct mail to email. The nonprofit identified where to focus its efforts to impact future email campaigns, including new strategies for storytelling, message structure, and landing pages.

• Increased number of donations from 32 to 200
• Increased total amount raised from $3,700 to $25,000
• Improved donation form conversion rate from 13% to 38%

“Blackbaud Strategy Services took the guess work out of our email campaign efforts. Everything came together strategically in our 2012 year-end campaign and the results exceeded our expectations.”

Increased Year-End Campaign Revenue by 675%


End-of-Year Email Campaign