The West Point Association of Graduates needed a superior website design and user experience to mirror the high level of excellence expected from its cadets and alumni.

The West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) engaged Blackbaud Interactive to modernize their website and overhaul their web presence to convey the prestige and resonant history of West Point. We began by working collaboratively to identify their top four website redesign goals. One of the top goals that quickly emerged was the need to bring the website up to modern standards with a responsive design based on current design trends. Another goal was to better align the new site’s content with services offered by WPAOG to their constituents. They wanted current campus events and news items about West Point and its alumni to be highlighted and presented as a focal point of the site.

Visitors to the existing site experienced difficulty in completing tasks such as form completion and site navigation to browse services and events. A top goal was therefore established to streamline navigation and drive visitors directly from the home page entry point to specific task pages in order to increase success rates.

A Design That Reflects West Point’s Distinguished Character

We started with a responsive design framework as the foundation for the redesigned website. Working with WPAOG’s team, Blackbaud Interactive developed a design strategy to create clear, goal-driven pathways to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Graduates finding services offered to alumni
  • Web site visitors participating in non-donation revenue-generating activities
  • All visitors being provided with user friendly navigation for all other static content.

Our team created three complete storyboard user experience layouts for the home page, landing page, and task-based page. We developed wireframes to evaluate the overall effectiveness of each of the three page layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile screen dimensions. We then ran a series of remote usability tests to validate our new information architecture so that any potential problems could be corrected early on.

5 west point body image

Watch the video to see Blackbaud Interactive’s design process, from concept to production, and see how a responsive website design comes together. The designer’s sketches are from the design collaboration session with the strategist and developer.

6 west point body image

The final design uses media queries to deliver the best user experience across different devices.

The result is a clean look and a dramatic visual presence that incorporates striking images and filmstrip-style navigation to accommodate an ever-expanding amount of content.

A new website
with clear,

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